About Dr. Shirley Luu

about-dr-shirley-luuDr. Luu is a highly successful financial advisor, active leader, trainer and wealth guru – serving as an Executive Field Chairman for First Financial Security. She has been in the financial services field for over 20 years.

As a speaker, author, and trainer on financial literacy and education, Dr. Luu is also, dedicated to informing, educating, and empowering individuals and business owners on the most powerful ways to prepare and save for retirement.

As a widowed mother of 3, Dr. Luu also recognizes the unique challenges that exist for women and thus has been active in empowering woman to “know their money” through various educational and enrichment programs – including the LiSA Initiative.

Dr. Luu sits on the Executive Board of the Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce, is a proud sponsor and speaker for the George Mason University Entrepreneurs and Finance Club and is a trainer and speaker for the local SBA (Small Business Administration). She is also currently preparing new initiatives with Microsoft to bring technologies and finance together.

Dr. Luu has been recognized for numerous awards and achievements related to her work in the financial field as well as her support for various nonprofit and philanthropic causes.


Other Programs

  • Championing on Guaranteed Lifetime Income, Financial
  • Literacy, and Smart Retirement, featured in Forbes 2016 Magazine.
  • Dr. Luu has been featured on the monthly syndicated Sirius XM Radio show in 50 states.
  • Dish Network airs in US and Canada where Dr. Shirley speaks on Financial Literacy.
  • Dr. Luu is host and co-producer of cable television series, “The Real Secrets of Money.”


Dr. Shirley Luu Awards and Recognitions

  • Honored by FFS with the prestigious “2017 and 2015 MVP Award”
  • 2016 John C. Maxwell Leadership Award
  • Winner for 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 Gold Achievers Award from American Equity representing the top 3% of the 8000 agents under that company
  • Recognized as a top financial leader in Forbes Magazine, October 2016
  • Recognized by the Attorney General of Anne Arundel County of Maryland, 2016
  • Featured in Doc Walker’s ProView Magazine, Winter 2016, “The Retirement Playbook with Coach Luu
  • Continue appearance on Sirius XM Radio that is syndicated across the country
  • 2015 Philanthropist of the Year Award given by V.I.P. EVENTS and recognized by the Attorney General of Anne Arundel County of Maryland
  • Winner for 2015 Smart CEO’s Brava! Awards Program honoring top female CEO’s
  • Nominated as a 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year Award produced by Ernst & Young
  • Proud sponsor and speaker at George Mason University’s Entrepreneurs and Finance Club providing financial assistance for graduates interested in the Insurance Industry
  • In 2015, Shirley’s team helped sign up over 5000 clients for ACA/Obamacare through community outreach programs such as Radio, TV and print Media on educating the masses on healthcare
  • Invited to The White House [2014] for recognition for Champions of Change for the ACA/Obamacare
  • Nominated and Awarded by the Asian American Round Table (AABR) for Mortgage and Financial Services of the Year Award for the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. This award was recognized and endorsed with recommendation letters from Governor Robert Ehrlich of Maryland, Governor Mark Warner of Virginia, Mayor Anthony Williams of D.C., and Congressman John Kerry, along with Nydia Velasquez from the U.S. House of Representatives