Shirley Luu speaks and celebrates at LC15!

LAS VEGAS – July 17, 2015

Shirley Luu speaks at Las Vegas Convention for Financial Advisors

Shirley Luu attended the LC15! Business Conference held by First Financial Security, Inc.

Hundreds of FFS Agents attended from all over the country for the 4-day conference featuring training, education, and guest speakers including social media guru – the “king of vine” Zach King as well as FFS EFC Shirley Luu who spoke on the same day.

“This is a lady I’ve known for a number of years. She’s the energizer bunny. She never stops. She’s the leader of one of the fastest growing teams in the company, but Shirley Luu’s most important quality is how much she loves people and is willing to give,” said Andy Fiorenza, Master of Ceremonies as he introduced her on stage.

On the final day of the conference, Shirley Luu spoke and was welcomed with a standing ovation by the packed house of financial advisors.

She then gave a powerful 30 minute presentation and exclusive training sharing some of her secrets of success and how to best serve their financial clients as they guide them toward some of the best financial products available on the market.

Shirley Luu recognized and awarded at LC15!

As one of FFS’s top leaders and producers, Shirley Luu and was recognized for a plethora of awards – in recognition of the excellence of not only her, but Shirley Luu’s team. It was only a few months ago that she received the prestigious MVP Award, but Shirley Luu has not slowed down a bit as she continues to empower individuals with superior financial products as well as training new team members to succeed in the business.

Shirley Luu gets a teleporter and a time machine?

In response to one of the contests inspired by social media guru, Zack King, with millions of followers, Shirley Luu offered up one of her own creative videos showing off to the world and to the attendees of LC15! how she got ready and got to the Las Vegas Convention. Lets just say, it involves a teleporter AND a time machine. Click the video below to view.